While many aspects contribute towards a successful small business, few are as important as having the right talent in the right positions. But, hiring staff can be a challenge, especially in the age of the “great resignation” and its associated challenges. If you’re looking to improve your workforce, here are some tips to help you attract the talent you need to succeed.   

Offer Additional Benefits

While offering new talent a competitive salary is important, and it may be the first question that many job seekers ask, there are other ways you can make your business more appealing to talented individuals. Including benefits above and beyond the usual offering is a great way to improve your appeal and help you stand out from the crowd. 

While most businesses offer standard medical care benefits to employees, consider taking that a step further with a health benefits card that gives your staff access to a range of different services in one place. While the additional services may cost your business a bit more each year, the wellness rewards and other benefits offered by some solutions can make your business stand out as one that cares about its staff. 

Ensure Opportunities for Growth

There are few things more appealing to job seekers than knowing that if they do well in their position, they will have the chance to climb the job ladder. Conversely, nothing will do more to extinguish the flames of passion than knowing that, regardless of performance and growth, a person may be forever stuck in the same position. That is why job seekers must have a clear understanding of the available advancement opportunities. Be sure this is an aspect that is covered in job interviews to help attract talent looking to grow with your business.

Be Proud to Be a Small Business

Small businesses may not have the cash flow of large, established corporations and businesses, but there are definite advantages to being a small business. Unlike a big corporation, small businesses can be more flexible, upper management generally has a closer relationship with their staff, and there is often more room for advancement within a small business than there is in a large, investor-led corporation. 

Small businesses also often put more emphasis on training the staff they have for future growth, rather than a large corporation that will just hire more skilled hands than train existing staff. Finally, the chance to help grow a small business to greatness, sharing in its triumphs and milestones, is a perk that shouldn’t be underestimated. All of these aspects should make your business more appealing to job seekers, so be sure to emphasize these elements in your job listings and interviews. 

Hiring the right managers and team members to ensure your business thrives can be a challenge, especially at a time when the ability to work remotely is opening up the doors to talent from all around the world. While this is great news for employers, it also means that job seekers are becoming increasingly more aware of their value and choosing their jobs more carefully. That is why small businesses must put effort into making positions more appealing, increasing their chances of hiring the best talent for their needs.

By Grace