‍Betta fish are beautiful creatures to add to your home. They’re also known as the “fighting fish,” because they are well-known for their aggressive nature and their tendency to fight with one another (as well as other small fish) when placed in a confined space together. However, betta fish care doesn’t require a big tank to thrive. If you have a small bowl, that’s perfect. Betta fish thrive in smaller spaces. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about How To Care For A Betta Fish In A Bowl?

Feeding Your Betta

Betta fish are carnivores, so they eat mostly fish. In the wild, betta fish eat mostly insects that fall into the water. In captivity, people feed their betta a variety of fish, including flake food, worms, crickets, and brine shrimp. Betta fish are not finicky eaters; they will eat any food they can get their mouths on. 

However, they are also more likely to get sick from poor-quality food, so it’s important to feed your betta high-quality food. Betta fish have a limited sense of taste, which means they don’t care what they eat. While they don’t have a strong preference for one type of food over another, bettas will eat whatever is put in front of them even if it’s not healthy.

Water Conditions for a Betta Fish

Betta fish are freshwater fish and thrive in warm water, around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep your betta’s water around 78 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a thermometer to track the water temperature in your betta’s bowl. If it’s too warm or too cold, your betta could get sick. Betta fish are known for their vibrant colors. Those colors are a result of the fish’s environment and diet. 

Because of this, you’ll want to keep your betta’s water clean, warm, and full of nutrients so the fish can thrive. Betta fish like warm water, but warmer water also means it’s more likely to be contaminated with bacteria and other impurities. Therefore, keeping your betta’s water as clean as possible (using a water conditioner, of course) is important.

Betta Tank Requirements

You might think you need a big tank to keep a betta fish, but you don’t. A betta fish thrives in a small aquarium and doesn’t need a lot of room to swim. A betta fish is happier in a small bowl because it doesn’t have to compete for space with other fish or bacteria. Betta fish can be kept in a bowl that’s no more than 1 gallon in size. 

You can keep multiple bettas in a larger bowl so long as the water depth is no less than 3 inches. (However, keep in mind that if you put multiple bettas in a bowl, they are more likely to fight with each other.) Betta fish don’t require a filtered tank. Filters can be harmful to your betta fish. Instead, keep your betta’s water clean by changing the water regularly and using a water conditioner.

Tips for Keeping a Betta in a Bowl

It should go without saying that you should never let your betta swim freely in a larger tank. Even if there are no other fish in the bowl with your betta, it’s not a good idea to let a betta swim freely. That’s because betta fish have very small mouths. While they might be able to catch a tiny bit of food in a large tank, they can’t catch anything in a bowl.

Betta fish are notorious for eating their fins, scales, and other body parts. That’s because their mouths are too small to capture much food. Keep your betta happy, safe, and healthy by keeping it in a bowl. Betta fish can thrive in a bowl, but they need your help to do so. Keep your betta’s bowl clean and change the water regularly.

By Grace