Like millions of other nerds, I thought it was important to see “Spider-Man: No Way Home” as soon as it came out. It was clear that there would be a lot to talk about, but not everyone knows that articles with a warning label should have spoilers.

The Suits Show Peter’s Character

There are a million good reasons for the people who make “Spider-Man” movies to give us a wide range of costumes. Most of them don’t add anything to the creative process and only exist to sell things like action figures, Hot Toys, and t-shirts. Problems like these are unavoidable when making these huge superhero movies.

On the other hand, not every alternative costume is made to bring in more money. Smart filmmakers will build this expectation into the story. Tony Stark’s outfits in the first “Iron Man” movie are a great way to show how technology has changed over time. He goes from a big, homemade suit to a sleeker prototype to the famous Iron Man design.

Even though Jon Watts’s movies have done a good job of making Spider-suits Man part of his emotional journey—especially since, up until this point, they have been tied to his relationship with Tony Stark—the way Peter Parker’s suits are used in “Spider-Man: No Way Home” is probably the best way they’ve been used in a while.

The different “No Way Home” styles make it fun to talk about. Here I’ll be focused on the Tom Holland Peter Parker, but I’ve counted four different outfits. There’s the red/black Spidey suit he made at the end of “Far From Home,” the Iron Spider/Nanobot suit from “Avengers: Infinity War” and “Endgame,” the black/gold suit he wears the first time he fights Electro, and the more traditional spiderman costume red and blue suit seen at the end of “No Way Home.”

Red/black suit

This issue mostly has him in his classic red and black costume, and I’ll admit that I’m still not quite sure how the Iron Spider suit interacts with his standard outfit or whether the nanobots are simply sitting about waiting to be activated. As an argument, I’ll treat them as if they were two different cases.

Since the beginning of this film occurs immediately before the conclusion of the previous film’s post-credits sequence, the first colors we utilize are red and black. This outfit mixes Tony Stark’s tech and Parker’s ideas. Tony’s Iron Spider costume was made so his adopted son would be safe. There is a strong focus on the word “forceful” here, and for a good reason. Force, which can kill. This outfit shows that Tony Stark is still very much a weapons dealer at heart.

In the last movie, Peter Parker’s ideas about what Spider-Man should stand for led him to design the red and black outfit he wore to fight Mysterio and save his friends. It looks friendlier and less dangerous, but it still has many of the advanced features of Stark technology.

The red and black suit and the black and gold suit are the same. As I was leaving the movie theater last night, I overheard conversations that showed a surprising number of people had missed this point.

By Grace