Choosing an EHR platform is not simple, so we’ve compared NextGen EHR and ECLIPSE for you. Let’s continue reading to learn more. 

Is NextGen EHR the best option for your business or you? 

NextGen is a comprehensive system that handles all the essentials required by healthcare providers for scheduling, processing claims, enabling virtual visits, and more. However, it might not be the most excellent choice for high-volume clinics because the fee is scaled according to the number of shares. Premium and unlimited plans are readily available to users, although some may find the price range overwhelming. 

The platform facilitates communication between doctors and patients through telehealth features and an iOS and Android mobile app. You may speak with patients, share your screen, and exchange papers through virtual meetings. 

Providers can easily handle claims, make appointments, and create electronic health records with NextGen. In addition, it has several administrative features, including previsit patient intake, insurance verification, and follow-up appointment scheduling. 

Using NextGen EHR software has advantages. 

NextGen’s cloud-based technology is interoperable with tablets, smartphones, desktops, or laptops. In addition, it complies with HIPAA requirements and is ONC-certified (Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology). 

NextGen offers the Nextgen Smartphone and Nextgen Mobile Plus mobile apps. In addition, physicians may communicate with patients wherever they are, thanks to the iOS and Android compatible app. 

Using NextGen Mobile, healthcare professionals may interact with patients, access clinical data, monitor timetables, manage prescriptions electronically, and sign papers. With the more expensive option, you also get charge capture, diagnosis code capture, speech-to-text transcription, and access to transcription services in addition to the above functions. 

Users of the portal can make appointments, handle claims, and confirm patient eligibility. You can inquire about the patient’s insurance, check their coverage information, and discover their insurance plan using a real-time eligibility tool. The ability to schedule appointments across several hours, days or another provider’s calendar is also provided using a drag-and-drop calendar workflow.

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Price of NextGen EHR 

NextGen is a clinical and billing solution that improves patient communication, transfers patient data, and combines billing and reporting. As a result, clinical staff will have more time to focus on patients and provide the treatment they need if there are fewer administrative constraints. 

To request a price from the business, interested clients must contact the sales staff. Users claim that it does, however, offer three primary programs with special pricing for physicians and nurses. 

  • For part-time doctors and nurses who submit up to 100 claims per month, MediTouch EHR/PM is advised ($379 per provider per month for doctors; $299 per provider per month for nurses). 
  •  For doctors and nurses that submit up to 400 claims per month, MediTouch EHR/PM 400 (physicians at $499 per provider per month; nurses at $399 per provider per month) is the recommended option. 
  • For consumers who want an unlimited subscription for claims and interactions, there is MediTouch EHR/PM Unlimited ($549 per physician provider per month; $449 per nurse provider per month). 

NextGen can provide a comprehensive overview of claim information and keep track of its progress. However, the maximum number of claims you can submit each month under its programs is. In addition, you can examine reports on transactions, patient demographics, appointments, and other topics from the report’s dashboard—these aid in tracking the profitability and growth of your company over time. 

Additionally, there is a free NextGen Mobile version available on the platform. However, it is only available to Enterprise clients. Finally, there is no clear information regarding the NextGen Office free trial length. However, users claim it is also available. 

Can ECLIPSE Practice Management Software be an alternative to NextGen EHR

To answer this question, check what ECLIPSE Practice Management Software is. Eclipse EMR is a HIPAA- and ONC-certified module utilized by multidisciplinary and solo practitioners. Additionally, multi-site practices with at least a dozen providers and over 200 PCs connected to a single network also use it. It has extensive documentation capabilities that enable users to compile the information into a password-protected PDF document and submit it to any recipient as needed, including an attorney, or even as an attachment to bills. 

It also features a HIPAA-compliant booth function that enables users to support patients in entering personal grievances and PHI, thereby maintaining the effectiveness of their administrative staff. 

How can it improve your practice? 

Eclipse PMS is one practice management system (PMS) that functions equally well on PCs and Macs. Its strong points are

  • its flexible and thorough equine billing system,
  • a highly feature-rich diary that serves as the foundation of the entire program, and
  • smooth PACS interface.

In addition, ACL, Cobas, Konelab, Bayer, ACL, and many other lab analyzers are programmed into the system’s integrated laboratory module, making it one of the few practice management systems to support the full range of tests. 

It is exceptionally well suited for more extensive ambulatory practices and veterinary hospitals that handle many referral cases. Images history  of patients are always available and fully integrated into the Dicom worklist, storage, and image viewing. In addition, the hospital booking system links appointments to clinics and consults rooms; scans are automatically connected to patient information and can be pre-fetched to veterinarians’ workstations before diagnosis. 

Which software has superior features and prices? NextGen EHR Vs. ECLIPSE

 The choice of software ultimately comes down to your practice’s needs and budget. According to our estimates, NextGen Enterprise EHR is less expensive to implement than Eclipse (TCO). Additionally, NextGen Enterprise EHR provides users with more features than eclipse. The starting pricing for NextGen Enterprise EHR is $299 per provider/month, which is significantly less than the average cost of medical software. Compared to its rivals, an Eclipse license starts at $30,000, which is more expensive than the typical price of medical software. However, we still urge you to view both software’s demos before committing.

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