Most people stick to the typical way of living and never stray to an alternative path. That doesn’t include everyone, though. Some people like to be a little more adventurous or enjoy a different way of life. One way to embrace a slightly alternative lifestyle is by living on the water.

Of course, packing up your life and relocating to a boat is not something you can do overnight; it requires careful thought and planning. Part of that planning should be getting to grips with what living on a boat is like. So, if you want to hear about what it’s really like to wake up on the water each day, this article is for you.

Spectacular Views

Living on a boat nearly guarantees you a spectacular view as soon as you wake up. Instead of opening your curtains to pavement and buildings, instead, you get to look at the open water. It’s your own personal piece of nature you get to enjoy. Just take Warwick marina as an excellent example. Living at Warwick marina means taking in the views of the surrounding nature and wildlife, as it’s a lot like a wildlife reserve! You might even be lucky enough to spot a kingfisher or otter when glancing out the window.

Plenty of Support

When you choose residential mooring, you live on the water without any of the stress of boat living. That’s because you’ll receive lots of support. You can expect staff on hand, washing services, and even a pump-out service! Plus, you’ll quickly sink into the community spirit of boat living. If you have any questions or want someone to chat with, you’ll be around plenty of others who like to live the same way you do.

Exploring New Places

One of the best parts about living on a boat is not being tied down to a single location. While you might have a set place for your boat to stay, you can also head off down the water (assuming you have your boating license!). This opens the door to exploring so many new places – pretty villages and wildlife spots you may not have known about otherwise.

A Sense of Peace

Sitting by an open body of water brings a sense of peace you can’t find elsewhere. It’s utterly relaxing, and that sense of tranquillity will accompany you every day. There’s a reason so many retirees decide to live on the water; it’s the perfect way to decompress.

All the Usual Comforts

Some people get put off by the idea of boat living because they believe they won’t have all their usual homely comforts. In reality, that isn’t the case. A good houseboat provides everything you need from a home, from the essentials like a kitchen and bathroom to the added luxuries like a coffee station and outdoor space.

Living on a boat is the perfect lifestyle for those that love the water. If it sounds like a life you’d enjoy, don’t let it stay a dream – get the plans in motion so that you can wake up each day surrounded by beautiful nature.

By Grace