To keep you and others around you safe as a driver, it is critical to be familiar with the local and state driving rules. Moving offenses are more frequently to blame for accidents than you might assume.

According to statistics, young male motorists are most likely to blow through red lights. Drivers who run red lights frequently have a history of traffic violations and DUI arrests. Having said that, practically everyone has unintentionally run a red light, and red light accidents can occur for a variety of reasons. 

Learn the road rules, drive cautiously, pay attention to your surroundings, and practice defensive driving to keep the roads safe. Salt Lake City Personal Injury Lawyers can aid you if you get into legal trouble.

What Laws Should You Be Aware of?

You should be aware of the appropriate times and locations to stop at red lights and the legal requirements for doing so. Even if you believe you are familiar with traffic laws, it is usually a good idea to review them once every couple of years and keep up with any changes in your neighborhood.

Right Turn on Red

Does Utah allow right turns on red? Yes, to be precise, as long as no signs are put up. A “no right on red” sign will probably be erected there due to poor traffic visibility. In rare cases, you might encounter a sign prohibiting right turns at a red light during particular days or times.

All stopping requirements and common right-of-way regulations must be followed when you are legally permitted to make a right turn at a red light. Only make the turn when you can do so safely, and give way to all other vehicles and pedestrians. Keep in mind that you do not have the right-of-way in this circumstance.

Stopping Instructions

Legally, you must stop completely before the stop line when you pass a red light.

You should not do so when you stop in the center of a crosswalk or enter the junction.

As long as no pedestrians are crossing the street, you may slowly approach the intersection’s edge after coming to a complete stop to improve traffic visibility and get ready to make a right turn.

Getting into the Yellow Intersection

When the light turns yellow, you cannot cross the crossing in some states. Utah is an exception to this. If you are in the junction before the light changes to red, you obey the law. A yellow light denotes that the signal will soon turn red. If the light goes red, there is no such thing as running a red light.

By Grace