Writing an excellent book is good. This is a massive decision. You have done a big job. However, it doesn’t just stop at writing a book. You must have it published. The publishing process is not straightforward. It comes with rules. Luckily, you can convince a literary agent and get representation. Choose the right agent. Select a knowledgeable agent. Learn how to find a literary agent. The following are the top traits you should look for in a top-rated literary agent.

How long has the agent been in the writing industry? Experienced agents are more skilled and will offer unmatched representation. When searching for a literary agent, be sure to check their track records.

Find out how many authors they’ve successfully represented. Do they have any noteworthy manuscripts in their portfolio? Have they been able to represent established authors? Working with an experienced agent will ensure that you get the best book deal.


Your agent should be well-educated. They must determine if your manuscript is good or not. Thus, it’s important that they’re conversant with writing and how to differentiate between a good book and a bad one.

It won’t be of any help to work with an incompetent agent. Look for a highly qualified individual who’ll push the success of your book to unexpected levels. Check their educational backgrounds. Ensure that they possess the right skills to handle the job as required.


Book publishing has become very competitive nowadays. If you’re planning to hire a literary agent, it’s imperative to choose someone persistently. This will ensure that minor setbacks don’t stop them from pushing your book forward.

There are countless authors out there. Thus, your agent should be strong, consistent, and persistent. Take your time to review their track record. Make sure they’ve what it takes to get your job done.


Look for a well-connected agent. Connections are extremely important. Book publishing is highly competitive. And without the right connections, you’ll find it difficult to navigate the complex industry. They should be connected to potential publishing companies.

A well-networked agent will link you up with established bookstores. Having meaningful connections is vital for a literary agent to succeed.


Settle for a trustworthy agent. Remember, you’ll be entrusting your work to this individual, so make sure they’re honest and transparent. They’ll be responsible for managing your publishing dreams. Plus, they’ll be representing you in various publishing houses.

Your agent should prioritize your interests and help you achieve your goals. Compare different agents to see who offers dependable services.

Social Skills

Review their social background. For an agent to effectively promote your writing skills, they must possess essential social skills. They should know exactly whom to target. They should understand your writing style and be conversant with popular publishing houses.

Pick an agent who enjoys promoting your work. Their promotion should be done professionally. They should possess the ability to identify what you and the reader want. Their work should be delivered effectively and reliably.

A good literary agent should have relevant contacts that’ll help you publish your book. Remember, there are countless publishers out there. For your book to be published, it really should be great. A dependable agent will assist you to craft relevant content that’ll easily get approved.

Don’t be quick to pick an agent. Instead, take your time to hunt for the best one. Try different agents before making your final selection.


Authors constantly face rejection. But this isn’t a negative factor in the publishing sector. Getting constructive feedback from an experienced literary agent will help you gain valuable experience. As an author, you need to equip yourself with top-notch publishing skills. Working with a confident and assertive literary agent will provide you with a deeper insight into the field.


Find an individual who’s heavily invested in your work. Choose an agent who’s conversant with your specialty. Make sure they’re on the same page as you. Ask them about the types of edits they’ll perform and how they intend to pitch your book. Don’t forget to request references. Inquire from other clients if the agent was proficient in their work.

You don’t want to hire someone who’ll disappoint you later. Conduct a thorough background check to see if they’ve been successful in publishing other authors’ books.

Sales Record

Hire an agent with excellent sales skills. Check their profile to see if there are any deals. Are their clients publishing new books? If so, then it means they’re reputable.

With the right contacts, a newer literary agent can be a perfect choice. They’re possibly looking for new clients and they’ll strive hard to deliver the best results. Even if they aren’t so experienced, they might still secure you the best publishing deal.


Search for an agent who matches your personality. Work with someone who’s dedicated to your project. If an agent presents themselves to you in an abrasive way, that could be a red flag. Look for a respectful agent who’ll do everything in their capacity to get your work done.

An honest agent will always be there to provide you with the representation you deserve. If you aren’t comfortable with an agent, don’t hire them.


Your agent should also be an expert in writing. Most agents are experienced at writing. They should provide you with the necessary support. This will enhance your manuscript’s quality and readability.

Key Takeaways

Writing a successful book is not a joke. It’s a long process. It takes time, effort, and resources. That’s why everything should be perfect. Don’t let the challenging nature of book publishing intimidate you. Work with the right agent.

The Bottom-Line

To streamline your book publishing process, it’s imperative to work with the right literary agent. Search for a highly specialized agent who’ll offer you the best representation. Picking the right agent ensures that your best interests are put forward in the publishing arena. Remember, there’s a myriad of agents available there. So, be sure to check out the above qualities. 

By Grace