Automation is a necessity in the modern business world. Large organizations lower their need for resources significantly, while small startups can use automation to help level the playing field against the big boys. For those exploring this technology, however, it can be difficult to figure out which areas are best served by automation. If you’re in that situation, these tactics demonstrate how to use automation to save time and money. 

Email functions

Emails are one of the most effective tools for a business to use, whether this is internal communication, answering customer enquiries, or sending out promotional materials. Emails can also take up a lot of time – from sorting out emails to responding, a lot of effort is necessary to maximize the effectiveness of this tool. 

Automation helps to remove a lot of that effort, for example automating email responses. This is useful when you’re sending out standard responses to people, such as when customers have made a purchase. You can simply create a template that will be automatically sent once a sale is completed. Automation can also help with sorting your emails and completing marketing campaigns. 

Batch file transfers

Batch file transfers can be time-consuming and monotonous when done manually. GoAnywhere software has a batch file transfer automation feature that moves files automatically, this helps eliminate the work associated with the process. By removing single command line entries from the equation, it not only assists with reducing execution time but also lowers the potential for human error.


Modern customers expect instant results: they expect to find the product they want, to complete purchases and for any questions and problems to be addressed instantly. The latter point can be difficult to achieve – particularly for small companies with minimal resources. Having employees answering messages 24/7 isn’t necessary, however, thanks to chatbot technology

Chatbots, which typically appear in the corner of a website, supply an easy way for site visitors to get in touch with a company. They simply select the chatbot icon, ask a question, and wait for a response. If an employee isn’t there ready to help, it is possible to automate a wide assortment of replies to potential enquiries. This effectively keeps your site ‘online’ at all times to reply to potential customers. You are also able to filter out simple questions and direct more complex problems to your human staff. 

Backup your data

Backing up your data is an essential function of any modern business. All it takes is for a faulty piece of hardware, accident, or cyberattack for your data to become compromised. The loss of this data can cause irreparable damage to your company, particularly if you are not performing regular backups. The issue is that regularly performing backups manually is a chore. You also might only do it on a weekly or monthly basis, and a lot of potential data could be lost in that time. Fortunately, automated backup tools can perform this task for you, daily, and without any issues. 

By Grace