For many businesses, other than those that deal in parking lots themselves, the idea of attaching a parking area to their business is merely an afterthought. They might not pay attention to the fact that a smart-looking car park can have curb appeal in its own right, while reflecting well on the proprietors of the business that created it. This article will look at the three most important features to get right if you’re building a public or private parking lot, from the surface of the asphalt to the lights around its edges.


There are two areas to get spot-on when you’re building a parking lot: one is the asphalt itself, which you’ll want to be dead smooth and uniform in color; and the other is the painted lines that will determine the size of spaces. While these might seem like basic elements to any parking lot, there are ways in which you can ensure yours is well put together. 

For instance, in order to make a smooth, flat parking lot, you’re going to want to enlist the assistance of a team of road-building experts who are able to use machinery to flatten the land. Meanwhile, to make sure you get the lines just right on your flat, new asphalt, you’re going to want to find a firm that specializes in durable, bright paint. Check out to see what professional, high-quality paint looks like. 


Your parking lot should be regarded as safe. If it’s not, you’ll find that it attracts crime rather than attracting customers. There are two main features that you’ll want to add to your parking lot in order to make it more attractive to customers from a security point of view: bright evening lights and security cameras. 

The latter of these can be fixed to the posts of the former, which means that one simple car park may only require one single central lamppost in order to light up every vehicle parked within it, as well as recording a video of the vehicles so that their owners can rest easy that your parking lot is less attractive to criminals. 


Parking lots are more attractive to visitors if they have signage that gives some indication of the price of parking, how long they’re allowed to stay, and whether the parking lot has an attendant or other forms of security. A blank, unmarked parking lot is likely to rouse suspicions, whereas one with signage that answers all these key questions will certainly get some use. 

For businesses looking to drive traffic to their establishment, a parking lot is a surprisingly important asset. It can help you draw people into your area, and you can even offer free parking to customers of your establishment, be that a restaurant or a store. Again, if you’re considering offering this discount, do ensure that your signage draws attention to that. 

Make a parking lot that’s professional and smart by following the three key tips outlined in this short guide. 

By Grace