With technological advancements, restaurant automation has become more common. Cloud restaurant POS systems are now a crucial tool for every restaurant business. In the past, a specialized ERP software was required to handle restaurant management and business intelligence but the new POS systems come with a wide range of features to optimize restaurant management.

Restaurant POS software provides business information including payroll reports, sales data, labor costs, and busy and slow times for your restaurant. With the help of these business insights, you can oversee the operations of your restaurant and comprehend how it is doing as a business owner.

The Evolution of Restaurant POS Systems

Numerous sectors and business procedures saw a significant transformation in the 1980s as a result of the Internet. Online transactions improved in speed and security, and e-Commerce accounting procedures were also enhanced. This is a result of the virtual integration of back-of-house (BOH) and front-of-house (FOH) processes.

Restaurants started looking into ways to speed up their everyday operations as a result of how the Internet was affecting how both operators and customers conducted business. They began looking into possibilities for online credit card processing. In 1986, Gene Mosher was the first to create a graphical restaurant POS system. He customized the cutting-edge POS system for his deli, which featured a touchscreen user interface and colorful widgets.

Later versions of restaurant POS systems by various other companies began to integrate shared terminals, touchscreen features, and mobile card readers and internal communications between those shared terminals and accounting systems would occur. These days, a lot of POS systems support the web and include cloud-based features that enable remote inventory and sales tracking.

Why Your Restaurant Needs a Cloud-Based POS System

There numerous ways a restaurant POS system handles the problems that restaurant management and operations face every day are as follows:

1. Restaurant POS systems streamline billing procedures

One of the most important tasks in a restaurant is billing. Numerous factors, in addition to straightforward billing, can boost business operations and customer experience.

·          Customers and servers must be able to access the whole menu on the tablet through your restaurant’s POS system. A table billing function like this would decrease the amount of human work required and boost client satisfaction.

·          Split billing is also possible with a sophisticated restaurant POS system if your clients request it.

·          All delivery platforms’ orders will be instantly fed into the POS. Doing this means the orders obtained from the various online ordering channels do not need to be manually added. The client information that is included with the orders can be integrated directly to your CRM database.

2. You can maintain tight control over your Stock & Inventory with a Restaurant POS System

One of the worst mistakes you can make is not keeping a close eye on your stock and inventory section. Either way, ordering too much or too little might be terrible for your restaurant. Therefore, when choosing a restaurant POS, be sure that it enables you to exert tight control over this area.

·          Any time a stock item hits its reorder level, a smart restaurant POS system with an integrated Restaurant Inventory Management System notifies you. This ensures that your kitchen never goes out of supplies and that you never order something while it is still in stock. Your POS will assist you in avoiding any oversights in inventory management that you may otherwise make.

·          A good restaurant POS system enables you to completely reconcile your real stock with your ideal stock, which instantly minimizes the possibility of any inventory mismatch.

·          A key component of inventory management is recipe management, which keeps track of the amount of stock used to make each meal. This tool, which is integrated with the POS, provides you with thorough reports of the quantity of actual stock consumed.

·          The right distribution of raw materials and semi-processed goods to the various outlets must be ensured by your POS if you have many outlets and a single base kitchen.

3. Restaurant POS systems improve Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

As a restaurant owner, you must constantly work to build strong relationships with your patrons. Following are some examples of how a restaurant POS can improve your interactions with customers:

·          You may manage your entire customer database centrally with the aid of your restaurant POS. In the case of many locations, you can categorize the clients based on their region, ordering patterns, and history using a common database of customers.

·          Once you have all of your customers’ information, you can immediately send them personalized SMS and emails to let them know what’s new at your restaurant, like hosting events or offering deals and discounts.

·          A fantastic strategy to boost customer retention is through loyalty programmes. You may operate personalized Loyalty Programs and effectively target customers when the CRM is integrated.

4. Restaurant POS Systems Make it Easier to Manage Several Outlets

One should always strive for expansion in business, right? Installing a restaurant POS system can enable you to realize your dream of growing your company. All of these features and more can be found in the top restaurant POS systems. You can grow your business by using a POS restaurant system in the following ways:

·          Get a thorough breakdown of all the sales reports from all of your locations

·          The entire outlet is supported by sales

·          Inventory is offered by all retailers

·       Comparison of sales reports from all of your stores will be provided to you

Your concerns about how you will manage multiple outlets at once will instantly be alleviated once you are confident that you will be able to access all the information of all your outlets in one location.

5. Your Restaurant POS System Will Provide You with Real-Time Reports

You could frequently be unable to physically visit your eatery. This does not, however, imply that you must rely on your restaurant management to provide you with the sales reports. You will receive real-time reports from your restaurant POS system, which will guarantee that you are always properly informed of your restaurant operations.

·          A cloud-based restaurant POS system may be capable of giving you thorough reports and records of all the activities taking place at your establishment across all of your locations.

·          As a restaurant owner, you will be able to examine graphical reports and edit reports as needed.

·       All of these reports will be delivered to your mobile device.

Your dependence on your managers will be much reduced because your restaurant POS will give you real-time reports on all sales, the number of bills created, stock available, and products sold. From any location in the world, using just your phone, you will be able to manage your company all by yourself.

6. Restaurant POS Systems Protect You from Internal Thefts

It is common knowledge that internal thefts and pilferage frequently affect the restaurant industry. A POS system for restaurants will protect you from suchl thefts. All the reports you get will enable you to determine whether theft is occurring in your business behind your back. Always use a restaurant POS system that is adaptable and allows for simple integration of new technology advancements. By doing this, you can be sure that your restaurant is current and is not falling behind its rivals in the market.

How Can a Restaurant POS System Successfully Strengthen Your Business?

The restaurant sector is changing in two ways thanks to the contemporary POS system:

·    The caliber of service is rising: Restaurants are now able to develop a restaurant culture based on excellent service and wonderful customer experiences thanks to a streamlined procedure. Additionally, POS systems let you keep restaurant staff on the floor (rather than running back and forth between the kitchen and the cash register). They can prevent or handle any issues right away because they are in close proximity to their clients and can see and hear them.

·     There is less labor: You can be more astute about how you divide your labor with the help of contemporary POS systems. You might not need a server on the floor at all. Perhaps you won’t require a bar back or a second-line cook.
Reports on labor and employee performance can also be used to determine who in your business is responsible for the greatest customer service.

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Summing Up

A restaurant POS system that will streamline your company’s operations demonstrates the importance of having one in order to operate a restaurant effectively. By making the appropriate choice, you can decrease your reliance on human labor and feel secure with the knowledge that nothing will occur at your restaurant without your awareness.

By Grace