What if you don’t have to filter out like-minded people in your field who work in the same department and send them requests individually? Sounds cool, right? Yes, LinkedIn automation tools do that and much more. In other words, it will skyrocket your social selling skills and up your LinkedIn game!  

These days LinkedIn automation is everywhere, be it large firms or small size businesses. Even you must have heard about it and how it is valuable for generating leads and business outreach. By using automation tools – Dripify or Octopus CRM – you will save time and effort in connecting with thousands of prospects on LinkedIn. It’s not just a place to interact with over 738 million professionals. It’s an excellent tool for achieving career or business goals. And to get the best out of LinkedIn automation, it is necessary to maintain a constant presence on the platform. Whether it’s to grow your network, engage in post content, or send messages, it’s necessary to take time and engage with other users.   

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LinkedIn Automation – What You Need to Know   

LinkedIn automation is a software that usually requires human effort and consumes a lot of time manually. Tasks including – automating linkedin connections, requests, sending follow-up messages, messaging prospects, etc., can be done with pro-efficacy. These automation tools are software designed to mimic human behavior and perform activities just like any other human will do. And besides saving you a lot of time, LinkedIn automation has various other benefits too –   

  • Run personalized campaigns  
  • Collecting data and creating improved iterations of campaigns  
  • Integration with other tools creates effective Omni channel campaigns  
  • Help achieve business and professional goals  
  • Send messages and keep track of follow-ups  

How to Automate Messages on LinkedIn? 

Through the automation of LinkedIn, you can easily automate linkedin messaging to prospects and subsequently keep track of new connections who have just joined your LinkedIn family. So, rather than sending messages one-by-one and spending long hours, you can select your connections and broadcast your message without any trouble. And not just mass messaging, but through LinkedIn automation, you can make your messages prompter and smarter with the autoresponder.   

But, if you wish to have more advanced features such as – sending a personalized message to mass contacts, and connecting with unknown networks, use third-party automation tools. However, whether you are sending messages on your own or using software, the golden thumb rule of LinkedIn messages is – to be honest, short, and effective with your message. And without getting spammed for your activities, you can maximize your outreach with effective messaging.   

Here we have said a few steps to automation and auto-follow-up on messages:   

  • Collect connections you wish to send messages to from “my network.”  
  • Transfer these profiles to CRM with the same method   
  • Now adjust your requirements   
  • Then open the CRM and fill a message template with “there are ample templates to choose from.”  
  • Next, personalize the message by adding – Name, Last Name, Position, and company name  
  • Then specify the number of contacts you would message   


Extensions have always been a great help! And using these extensions with automation will enhance the experience of automating LinkedIn even further. One of those extensions is the Chrome extension. It helps increase reach and grow your LinkedIn presence by connecting with relevant profiles or businesses on LinkedIn.   

The automation tools act on your behalf while working to generate leads most efficiently. But to use these extensions, you must have a google chrome browser installed. Next, you can directly add the chrome extension to your browser, and it will add advanced functionality to your browser. Examples include mass messaging prospects, running invite campaigns, creating auto-reply to sequences, and automatically maintaining a follow-up with users.  

Here are a few simple steps to download the extension and get going with it –   

  • Open chrome browser on PC  
  • Navigate chrome store or search on google  
  • Next, initiate a search for ‘explore’ in the chrome store  
  • Then you will find 2 available explore extensions, one for contacts and the other for candidates   
  • As per your requirements, choose the extension you wish to install   
  • Click the ‘+” or ‘Add’ button to install the extension   
  • If prompted again, click ‘OK’ or ‘Add’ to confirm  
  • The icon will get installed in the right-hand corner of the browser window  
  • Next, ‘Right Click on the explore icon to choose “options.”  
  • Then you will be asked to enter your explore login credentials (same as you used to login into exploring)   
  • Then click on chrome settings and go for “settings.”  
  • You will find a new window ad a search box  
  • Where you will have to search “Downloads.”  
  • Go to “Ask where to save each file before downloading.”  
  • Then you can start using the explore extension on your chrome   

Why Automate LinkedIn  

Although using LinkedIn has immense benefits, here we have discussed why you should use LinkedIn automation messaging –  

The automation tools for LinkedIn are not only faster, but they help in expanding business seamlessly. And as lead generation is the ultimate goal of any business, LinkedIn automation or LinkedIn auto connect tool will help achieve the objectives in the most organized or better way. Also, it provides raw data and statistics. LinkedIn automation also offers real-time insights into other various sales campaigns. While it enables you to reach out to genuine connections, essential to maintain human bonding in sales. 

Another major reason to choose LinkedIn automation is that – it automatically analyses suitable profiles with the same interest while sending automated invites or requests with a personalized message. Which incredibly reduces the user’s efforts in searching for a suitable profile across the millions of networks.    

Top LinkedIn Automation tools  

Automation tools are advanced software designed to mimic human behavior as they carry out activities on behalf of the user. And best saving time, LinkedIn automation tools help run personalized campaigns, collect data and create better iterations for the campaigns. While it also assists in Integrating with other marketing tools, which help create effective Omni channel campaigns for the business. In a nutshell, LinkedIn automation tools help make it easier for the user to achieve professional goals quite easily.    

Octopus CRM   

Although various automation tools are available, if you are purely into the professional approach, then Octopus CRM is among the best tools!  

Octopus CRM is a user-friendly tool for automation that automates almost every task. It helps grab more deals and develop a customized sales funnel according to the targeted audience, which helps convert leads into valuable consumers on LinkedIn. And being the universal tool, it supports all LinkedIn accounts, be it – LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Recruiter, LinkedIn Premium, or a free LinkedIn account. Octopus CRM also offers wholesome LinkedIn automation features that help with LinkedIn prospecting, generate more leads, and convert prospects into possible consumers. 

While it enables the user to –   

  • Send mass connection requests or message   
  • Customized messages   
  • Mass communications   
  • Approve skills of primary contacts   
  • Automatically review accounts daily  
  • Create customized sales funnels    
  • Transfer contacts from LinkedIn directly  
  • Offer Zapier and HubSpot integration  
  • To conduct advanced analytics for prospecting   

Why you need Octopus CRM  

Octopus CRM is among those universal tools suitable for agencies, small-typed businesses, or large firms. Rapid lead generation helps save time and more favorable results for your business. As Octopus CRM provides pro-efficiency in every task, you no longer have to spend hours browsing, searching for suitable profiles, and sending requests. Even the support team of Octopus CRM is available 24’7 on all seven days and provides their support to use the software efficiently. 

  • Cost-Effective  
  • Automate any function  
  • Enhances Consistency  
  • Enables Streamlined Data Collection  
  • Improves Communication  
  • Boost the Quality of Hire  
  • Enhances Candidate Experience    


Now that you know “What is LinkedIn automation” or “how chrome extension or automation tools can help,” it will be quite easy for you to use these tools. Using these tools will not only be cost-effective for you but will save the time and effort of doing everything manually.   

To conclude this article, we recommend you consider the guide given above before making any strategy for your business. This detailed guide will help you better understand LinkedIn automation and how to install the chrome extension. This will boost your lead-generating strategy and increase your reach to the target audience. 

By Grace