Amidst the myriad of responsibilities and duties, both in a personal and a professional context, which naturally come along with adulthood, the freedom and independence afforded are two things to cherish within reason.

As an older adult, you will naturally want to keep a hold of this independence as long as humanly possible. One way to ensure this is the case is to move to independent living facilities. With this in mind, continue reading to discover a simple guide on how to plan this move into the next phase of your life.

Start to Downsize!

Rather than seeing downsizing as a negative, it is actually quite the opposite. If a tidy house makes for a tidy mind, you have an excellent opportunity to start afresh.

When it comes to large pieces of furniture, you could donate to a close friend, family member, or even a charity. For smaller and more expensive items, you should make some money for your move by selling them directly to a store or online.

Get to Know the Staff

As independent living facilities are essentially the most like living in your own home of all the senior living options, your relationship with the staff of such communities will be more of a distant one than if you were moving to assisted living.

Independent living facilities in Trumbull Connecticut boast a huge range of activities and optional excursions to ensure your move integrates you with the other residents and will provide a fantastic social life with them and the staff.

Be Ready to Embrace New Things

Once you have settled into independent living facilities, it is entirely up to you whether you stick to your favorite hobbies you have been engaging in for many years or else embrace the change and adopt something new.

However, if you are wanting to make the absolute most of your new and exciting move, take advantage of the myriad of opportunities you will be exposed to and offered. From arts and crafts groups, singing classes, and dance exercise mornings to sports, book clubs, and educational lectures, a whole world of opportunity is waiting for you.

Remember You Are Moving to a Community

Even if you have wanted to move to an independent living facility for many years now and are elated that your dream is becoming a reality, it can still be somewhat of a culture shock once you are there.

Suppose you do feel even the slightest beginnings of loneliness or isolation. In that case, you must remind yourself that, far from breaking out on your own, you are becoming a valued and important member of a community, whereby residents and staff alike will become your friends.

Moreover, remember that your close friends and family members can visit you whenever they like. You will find that once you have help with all of the daily chores that used to take so long, you’ll have more time for your family, and friends outside the facility, as well as the new friends you make while you’re there.

By Grace