If you are like most people and struggle to save money, then you know how frustrating it can be when your dryer isn’t working. That’s why we created this blog post — to share a few helpful tips on how to fix a dryer that won’t cycle or stop blowing hot air in the middle of the night (or any time really).

If your dryer doesn’t work properly, it can leave you with unwanted laundry, and un-dry clothes and make cleaning the house more difficult. Fortunately, there are plenty of effective solutions that don’t cost a lot of money! Read on for helpful advice on how to fix a dryer that won’t cycle or stop blowing hot air in the middle of the night.

Reset the timer

If your dryer isn’t working properly and you have set the timer for a particular cycle you need to check that the timer is working as intended. If the timer is set to a power-down mode then it shouldn’t be setting a daily load. If the load is high then the dryer will cycle on and off constantly, creating a load that is much higher than when it worked as intended.

To ensure that your dryer is working as intended set the timer for the longest valid cycle and unplug the machine. Leave it in this state for 24 hours and then plug it back in. If the same thing happened during the first unplugging then your dryer is still not working as intended.

Such a case will require you to hire a professional dryer repair Regina Company to work on your dryer. Most of them offer affordable services to all clients.

Check the thermal fuse

If your dryer still won’t budge after following the re-setting process the thermal fuse may be to blame. The fuse is a small circuit that controls the heating elements in your dryer and is charged with energizing the machine when the dispenser unit is in use. If the fuse is bad then it may be giving your dryer a false indication that it is working.

To test the fuse take one of the screws out of the bottom of the dispenser and look at the fuse. If it is burnt out then your dryer is not drying clothes as well as it should. To properly test the fuse use a continuity tester. Ensure that the machine is off and the fuse is set to a known good value.

Turn the emotions off

Emotions are powerful and can cause us to make bad choices when it comes to money. It is always best to keep emotions out of money matters but there are ways to reduce their influence on your wallet. One way to do this is to turn off the emotions that are trying to burn a hole in your pocket.

For example, if you pay your bills every month then you are less likely to get upset when a month comes due than if you have to use a cashier’s check. If you do fight with your partner then try to keep it friendly and talk it through with them rather than getting upset. If you have to purchase groceries then try to keep it civil and treat your family as if they were the most important people in your life.

Don’t rely on batteries!

We all know that batteries have a limited life and they are expensive to purchase and store. It is best to avoid them whenever possible. There are a variety of ways to reduce the impact of batteries on your dryer, such as using an extension cord or using the supplied wall plug. If you have to have a replacement battery you can purchase an aftermarket battery with a longer life that is less expensive. 

Change Your Environment

One way to help your dryer run more efficiently is to change your environment. It is best to change your environment when you notice a problem with your dryer. For example, if your dryer is located in an old house with leaky pipes then it can be very difficult to change.

Another example is if you are using an extension cord from your dryer to your garage or basement. If you are using an extension cord then you are increasing the resistance in the air and reducing the amount of air that is being drawn into your dryer.


Dryers are amazing appliances that help us clean our clothes. However, if something isn’t working properly then it is best to have it checked out by a professional. There are many ways to fix a dryer that won’t cycle or stop blowing hot air in the middle of the night.

By Grace