THC-O products come in all shapes and sizes, but vape pens are the go-to for many. These THC-O vape cartridges can yield the most potent effects of the already intense THC-O acetate.

So, if you’re looking for something more adventurous than your usual Delta-9, you can give them a shot. Read ahead to learn about the cart type and its features to choose your favorite.

What Are THC-O Carts?

THC-O acetate, or only THC-O, is a synthetically produced tetrahydrocannabinol. It is a high-potency version of the favorite compound many enjoy in their cannabis products. Some say it is as much as three times stronger than Delta-9 THC.

Since experienced users are always looking for something new to try, products like THC-O fill the need. These products, especially carts, bring about an intense and spiritual high sometime after consumption.

Though the effects are slightly slower than Delta-9, they are far more intense. They also have a different experience that makes them more enjoyable than regular Delta-9 vape cartridges.

What Are the Leading Types Of THC-O Carts Currently?

Though vaping products are countless- even for THC-O, not all have the same features. So here are some leading types of carts you can find with THC-O extract that provide the best experiences:

  • Disposable Carts

Disposable carts, as the name says, are use-and-throw kinds of vape pens. They come with a sleek design and pre-charged battery. They also have the THC-O vape juice prefilled, so all you need to do is enjoy them. 

People especially enjoy these disposable variations due to two of their features. Firstly, they’re very affordable for the buyer. THC-O is synthetic and technical to make, so disposable carts can reduce the hefty amount users must pay. And they also provide every comfort a reusable device offers too.

  • Reusable Carts

Reusable carts are vape pens you can use for months or even years after buying. The equipment remains unchanged, though some parts may need replacing occasionally. Once you have made an initial hefty purchase, you can keep refilling the same cart.

Reusable carts are perfect for users who use THC-O avidly and don’t want to keep switching between them. They come with better quality equipment and a better battery which you can charge to reuse whenever.

  • THC-O Extract Carts

THC-O extracts vape pens often carry only or mostly THC-O in them. It helps enrich the effects of the THC-O after vaping. However, these carts are not for everyone since they can be too intense for some users. 

Some experienced users can handle the intensity and enjoy these carts above all other products. Concentrated cartridges are ideal if you have been using the products for a long time. Just ensure you start slowly to avoid any side effects from the get-go.

  • Mixed Carts

Contrary to extract carts, mixed carts have other components mixed in with the THC-O available. Manufacturers often add THC, CBD, Delta-8 THC, and other additions to the cart to enhance it.

With the addition of the other components, the carts become more user-friendly. They have a subtler feel and enjoyable high for most people. They also bring out the added benefits of substances like CBD to the users.

  • Indica Carts

Indica strains of cannabis products have a relaxing and soothing effect on the user. If you have difficult work days and want to relax when you get home at night, this strain is perfect for you. It renders the body into a calm and peaceful state, inducing sleep.

It can also help reduce stress, depression, and other mental health problems. It relaxes you the most so your body and mind can have the rest they need. It isn’t ideal for mornings or days, but night use is perhaps the best for them.

  • Sativa Carts

Sativa carts have the opposite effect to Indica carts, so they energize you. THC-O does lean towards being more relaxing, but it can also provide ample energy. With Sativa strains- you can boost your energy levels, mood, and concentration.

These carts are favorites of artists as they can spike creativity in them. The Sativa strains encourage the flow of ideas in the brain and energy in the body. Hence, they help you remain motivated and stay active during your high. 

  • Flavored Carts

So many people shy from these carts solely due to their flavor. Avid users of THC-O can handle even flavorless carts due to their experience, but they can taste pretty intense. Since they have potent effects, the taste also lingers in your mouth.

But flavored vapes counter this problem as they provide benefits with no bitterness. Choosing a sweet and enjoyable flavor can make vaping fun and yield the effects of THC-O minus the aftertaste.

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How To Choose The Perfect Cart for You?

Before using a THC-O cart, you can pick the one you like. Every cart type has distinct features which may match well with a user. Not every cart suits the needs of everyone, so the selection process is crucial.

So, the process may take some time, but it will yield you the most compatible cart possible. Here are some features you could keep in mind while choosing to make your selection simpler:

  • If you’ve never used THC-O before, it is better to ease into it. You can start with a mixed cart to ensure that the effects don’t overwhelm you. 
  • Pick your strain according to how you need to feel your high. If you prefer to remain relaxed during your high- go for an Indica product. But if you want your high to be energizing and boosting, pick a Sativa strain instead.
  • If you intend to use the carts in the long run- search for good reusable vape pens. Disposable pens may seem the better deal due to their initial price, but they’re less affordable in the long run.


After a long search, you finally reach your THC-O products, only to find out it doesn’t meet your needs. So, to avoid that, you must know about the different types of products first. By informing yourself of the features and uniqueness of each THC-O cart, you can make the selection easy. The above information can help streamline a few products that match your needs seamlessly.

By Grace