If you are someone who loves playing Solitaire Cash so much, then there is also a way you can make money out of it. This skill-based game may be able to help you earn real money if you’ve been thinking about how to make money by playing games.

To help you decide whether or not to download Solitaire Cash to your smartphone, I will be going through how the game functions and how you can earn money easily in this post, so continue reading.

What is Solitaire Cash?

Solitaire Cash is an outstanding game that is developed by Papaya Gaming. The great thing is that it is a free gaming app, so you can download it easily and play the game.

According to many reports, Solitaire Cash is said to be one of the most popular games on the app store, with over thousands of downloads as well as an outstanding overall stars rating of 4.6 out of 5.

It costs nothing to download and use this solitaire game. Additionally, it provides the option to pay for particular tournaments, while it is not necessary. There are certain competitions that you can enter for free.

When you sign up for a tournament, you’ll be paired with competitors who have comparable skill levels and are given the same deck. Do keep in mind that if you can finish the game and place in the top three positions, then only you will be able to win cash prizes.

How does the Solitaire cash game work?

Only Android devices with Google Play access can download the Cash Solitaire app. To start playing, you don’t need to sign up or request any authorizations. Playing in free tournaments or real money games qualifies you to win money. Here are the following four easy steps that will help you start using Solitaire Cash;

1.    Download

Before you think about downloading this game, you need to know that the minimum age to download the game from the Apple app store is 17, and the minimum age to get it from the Samsung galaxy store is 18.

Since non-cash tournaments do not let anyone win real cash, the app option will be best for you only if you can and are willing to bet money. But if you only need a free Solitaire program, the practice games will be best for you.

2.    Sign up

You can play a brief instructional game that the app encourages you to play after creating an account by entering your player name.

On the other hand, it is said that if you introduce friends to the app and they download it, you’ll receive $1, which will then be directly added to your account.

3.    Tournaments and free roll games

It is said that participating in free roll tournaments is one of the best ways and should also be the first step you need to take to make money from solitaire cash. You will, however, need to have gems to play rather than money.

Gems can be gained by playing free games, taking part in free roll competitions, viewing commercials, or leveling up your account. When you have enough gems, you can take part in a free roll competition.

Additionally, each round awards experience points (XP), which enable you to gain bonus gems as you advance. You are unable to trade in your gems for goods or gift cards, contrary to certain other free casino games. Click here to find out one of the best platforms that will help you find the best games like Solitaire that can make you real money and even win gift cards and so much more.

4.    Cash tournaments

Participating in cash tournaments is an additional option to make money using Solitaire Cash. You must know that different games will have different types of Buy-ins, as well as payout amounts.

Depending on how well you perform and play every game, you can enter cash tournaments easily with the help of Solitaire Cash.

Each competition consists of around 4 up to 7 people in a multiplayer setting. You can earn a huge percentage of the prize fund if you have one of the top three scores in the round.

Also, the majority of tournaments simply ask for cash as a buy-in. However, some let you use gems to lower your out-of-pocket costs.

While the other players are finishing their hands, prorobux you can increase your income ability by participating in new competitions.

States Restricted from cash tournaments

While you can play Solitaire Cash anywhere, cash tournaments are prohibited in some states. You must keep in mind that in the following states, you cannot play for real money at all:

•       Louisiana

•       Iowa

•       Montana

•       Arizona

•       Indiana

•       Arkansas

•       South Dakota

•       Maine

•       South Carolina

•       Maryland

How much can a player earn with Solitaire cash?

Your chances of winning cash prizes increase the more you participate. Each tournament you participate in allows you to collect gems, which you may eventually use to enter tournaments with cash prizes.

A great example of this would be that you choose to play for a free roll tournament that will cost around 1200 gems for the entry fee and a reward of $7. Additionally, you will also have the chance to participate in daily draws for a chance to win significant rewards.

A free roll tournament with a payout of $7, for instance, might cost 1,200 gems. Additionally, you’ll have the chance to participate in daily drawings for prizes that may be very significant.

Cash tournaments, which you sign up for with real money, have a far bigger earning potential. You may play opposite 20 different players for an opportunity to win $70 by paying $4 as an entry fee, for instance.

Other than playing in tournaments or drawings, I have also mentioned earlier that you can also earn by referring your friends to the Solitaire cash app. When your friend signs up too, $1 will be added directly to your account.

The more friends you invite the more chances of winning money quickly. When you have accumulated enough rewards, you can withdraw money by using your PayPal account.

You should keep in mind that to cash out, the minimum amount must at least be $5. If you choose to deposit a high-stakes tournament, you can do that by using either PayPal or Apple Pay.


So, if you were wondering if making money with Solitaire cash is real or not, then I suppose by teasing this article, you are certain that you can.

With the help of this skillful game, it is one of the easiest yet quickest ways to earn money. Plus, you can do that just by using your phone.

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By Grace