Our friends have a crucial role in our lives because they are the ones who support us in every situation, whether it is good or bad. They provide us with companionship and prevent us from being lonely and unhappy. Without friends, our lives can be dull and boring because we have a humorous and sarcastic bond with them.

Moreover, friendship is a beautiful and special relationship that means having a connection and strong bond with someone who understands you. Thus, if you want to celebrate the bond of friendliness on this friendship day but do not have time, then here are some thoughtful last-minute gift ideas.

1] Subscription Services

Surprise your friend with subscriptions that he or she will really love to have. It can be a thoughtful last-minute gift for your friend. You can choose to gift subscriptions for streaming platforms, audiobook lifestyle magazines, music streaming, or any other things that your buddy loves. Thus, the subscription services give you a wide range of options to choose from as a gift for your friend.

2] Gift Cards

Gift cards are prepaid cards offered by various restaurants, retailers, and stores. This can be a splendid gift for your friend at the last minute. You can pay the amount to be added to the card and surprise your buddy with it. The gift card will really make your friend happy as it gives the cardholder flexibility to purchase their preferred items or experiences from the store.

3] Online Experiences

Another awesome gift that you can give to your friend to celebrate the bond between you two can be some online experiences. These refer to virtual activities, events, workshops, and other forms of digital entertainment. For instance, online cooking classes, online courses for skill development, virtual tours, and many more. Thus, this gift can be educational and, at the same time, entertaining for your friend.

4] Food And Treats

If you are too confused about what to gift your friend at the last minute, then simply take him for a treat or surprise him with his or her favorite food. You can choose to give your friend a gourmet snack hamper, assorted chocolates, or baked items such as cakes. Other than this, taking your buddy to his or her favorite place for a treat will be a fabulous idea for gifting.

5] Plants And Flowers Combo

Plants and a bunch of flowers can be overwhelming friendship day gifts because, with their greenery and beauty, they can add liveliness to your friend’s living space. The plants, with their air purifying, can help your mate to breathe fresh and clean air, while the flowers, with their refreshing fragrances, can make his room blissful.

6] Books

If your friend loves reading, consider giving books on his or her favorite genre or author. It will express that you understand your friend’s likes. Besides, it can be a thoughtful last-minute gift for your buddy because books can bring knowledge and inspiration to your friend’s life.

7] Handwritten Letter

In the digital age, a handwritten letter will be an explicit way to express your love and admiration for your friend. Mention some beautiful moments that you two had together. Besides, show gratitude for your friend being there with you in every problem. Thus, the letter will melt your buddy’s heart and overwhelm him.

8] Arts And Crafts

Art and craft are something that can surely fascinate anyone. Thus, selecting some exciting and beautiful craftwork can be a sensational gift for your friend. You can choose to DIY something or get readymade from gift sites and online stores. Moreover, if you wish to bring out the creativity of your mate, then you can also gift him or her some art supplies.

9] Event Tickets

Look if there are any upcoming events that your friend will love to watch. Surprising your friend with an event ticket will be a superb idea. Besides, attending the event together will give both of you a chance to create cherishable moments and strengthen the bond of your friendship.

10] A Photo Frame

Gift your buddy with a photo frame that will be remarkable to capture a timeless memory of you two. You can choose a lovely picture together to place in the frame. This will make the gift sensational for your buddy. Besides, looking at it, the photo frame will remind him or her of the strong bond between you two.


Ideas and gifts enlisted above will really be awesome to celebrate the bond of friendship. These gift ideas are something that can be arranged at the last minute. Thus, it won’t be a problem if you are late to wish your buddy a happy friendship day. Moreover, these gift ideas will be ideal for expressing your affection and gratitude toward the beautiful friendship you two have.

By Grace