These days the level of competition is high and earlier students had scarce resources for studying and attaining knowledge but today they have ample resources which can provide them knowledge and information regarding their studies and learning. Especially if we talk about online learning, the flexibility of online education has inspired students a lot in order to make their academic life more progressive. This student needs some success skills in them to fight the competition level of their student life and that is not an easy task to do, because for this student must have knowledge of those success skills, they need to have in them. The foremost skill which is needed by any student or learner is to make a perfect and suitable time table according to which he or she can conduct his or her study and give ample amount of time needed for attaining the knowledge of that subject properly. Here students need to understand that due to a set time table they prepare the whole course within time and they remain ready for any kind of the exams. On the contrary to this if students don’t prepare a time table for their study process they become lazy and habitual of procrastinating their study work. As a result, when the dates of exams come closer they feel burdened under heavy pressure because they have no preparation due to lack of a perfect time table. Therefore, using a time table maker is advised before examinations for better time management and exam preparation. 

Timetable maker is a tool of the modern education system which is utilized by students and educational institutions. Schools and educational institutions are using the timetable maker in a vast manner. There are many benefits of using a timetable maker in educational institutions. It has brought a revolution in the time table management system of the educational institutions. Manual preparation of the time table used to be a very complex and tough process and alteration in the time table according to different days of the week was tougher than that. This tool allocates the classes to the tutors in such a strategic manner itself that courses get complete in time and not a single chapter lags behind by any tutor. Tutors are human also and they also commit mistakes sometimes which leads to loss of time in completion of course in time. Tool prevents such manual errors and inputs the correct data for the tutors regarding adjustment of subjects. There are many classes and classes contain many divisions and a huge mass of students, such institutions require such error free time table management. Being technically sound, this tool is very easy to operate. Hence, it is completely user-friendly and anybody who has basic knowledge of computers can operate it properly without any hesitation. Apart from this, data which is fed into it remains also in a secure state due to which nobody can create any kind of nuisance in the data secured in it. Only authoritative people can operate it. Adding to this this tool represents a magical feature and that is, if any changes happen in the pre-decided time table and then it is updated quickly to inform students and parents in the form of notifications. 

Even if a tutor gets absent then it becomes a lot easier to replace that class with a substitute tutor with the help of a timetable maker, because it immediately searches for any tutor who has now class at that time and provides the substitute. As this tool is not so complex in operation and technology therefore it can be customized as per the requirement therefore, school or educational institutions feel it easy to use it. Being technically a very sound timetable maker also performs some more important functions which solves many disputes like it collaborates the data of timetable with public holidays, special events or holidays executed by magistrate due to certain reasons and make the school administrations accomplish their courses accordingly. This tool also represents a feature where on the basis of hours spent on the assignments and classes allotted to the tutors, their remuneration can be calculated easily along with the data of leaves and extra classes provided by the tutors.

By Grace