Yamaha YAS-209 is one of the best middle-range soundbar models. Compared to the Yamaha SR-C20A, it boasts a far more advanced setup. The YAS-209 provides decent enough sound quality with features like Alexa and Wi-Fi support. With a well-balanced sound profile, the Yamaha soundbar is suitable for various uses, including viewing action movies and listening to music. 

Everything You Should Know About Yamaha YAS-209 Soundbar 

Check out the essential elements of the Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar in the below section.  


The soundbar and the subwoofer are the Yamaha YAS-209’s two significant parts. The wireless subwoofer has been added to give the bass a little more oomph. LED lights are present at the top of the soundbar, and they show which features are active.  

Construction Quality 

The Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar has decent build quality. The soundbar is covered in a mesh-like fabric, while the top and back input covers are constructed of plastic. The front and one side of the subwoofer are covered with mesh fabric, although the majority of it is composed of melamine.


The soundbar is tiny enough to stay near the television unit without occupying too much space. The dimensions of the bar are 92.4 cm (width), 6.2 cm (height), and 10.2 cm (depth). The dimensions of the subwoofers are 19.0 cm (width), 42.0 cm (height), and 40.2 cm (depth). 

Sound Performance

The sonic profile of the Yamaha YAS-209 is incredible. For bass-heavy melody, the subwoofer offers a reasonable low-frequency attachment. Even when the volume increases, the quality remains the same because of the excellent stereo soundstage. When in a 3D Surround mode, the subwoofer delivers stronger bass and a broad sound. 


The Yamaha soundbar was easy to connect to the TV with an HDMI wire. Installing the Yamaha Sound Bar app to use Alexa and music streaming is essential. You can utilize a wired Ethernet cable or 2.4-GHz wireless networks to attach to it.

Things To Consider While Buying Soundbars

Here are the primary things that you need to consider while purchasing soundbars:

Passive Vs. Active Sound Bars 

Passive soundbars lack internal power amplifiers and need an external receiver or amplifier to function. Active soundbars have internal amplifiers and connection processors to distinguish between the right, left, and center speakers. It is best to choose an active soundbar. 


Channels can be compared to particular speakers or sound sources. For instance, there are double speakers for a 2-channel sound bar: one on the left and another one on the right. For the 3-channel sound bar, there are three speakers (left, right, and middle). There are 5-channel sound bars, 7-channel sound bars, and Dolby Atmos sound bars. It is best to have as many channels as you can afford. 

Size And Space 

The sound bar should never be longer than your television. It is best to get in a smaller size or in the exact size for an even look. The sound bar must be positioned in the middle, directly above or directly below your television. Before choosing the size of the soundbar, ensure there is sufficient area.

Connectivity Options 

Connectivity choices are crucial. It is best to acquire the model that retains USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and HDMI ARC. For connecting your mobile to watch shows or movies, connectivity is essential.

Bottom Line 

Yamaha YAS-209 soundbar has the capacity to deliver huge, massive sound output. It has decent sound quality, a good build, and incredible features. When you plan to acquire the best soundbars for your TV, make sure to pay attention to the above-listed factors. 

By Grace