Forklifts are some of the most versatile pieces of equipment businesses can buy or hire. They are industrial vehicles that have a platform or forks at the front that can be raised or lowered. Because of this, a forklift is used for its lifting and moving capabilities. They are typically powered by batteries or combustion engines. Being the versatile pieces of equipment they are, forklifts under $5k at Boom & Bucket have a lot of uses, some of which we will look at below.

Lifting and Moving

The most common use of a forklift is lifting and moving items from one place to another. In warehouses, you will typically see what is known as a reach truck which has a rack intended to lift pallets. These types of forklifts are also narrow enough that workers can use them in the narrow aisles of the warehouses they are used in.

Businesses that need forklifts for their warehouses can either buy or lease forklifts. A great option for businesses that cannot afford one is hiring a forklift through Connell Material Handling which has a huge selection of forklifts to choose from for different use cases.

Use in Construction Sites

An area many people will be surprised to find a forklift is at construction sites where they expect other types of lifting equipment such as cranes. Construction workers use forklifts in construction sites to lift and move heavy construction materials. 

They can unload heavy pallets, joists, equipment and materials, and much more. Construction workers can then use them to haul the unloaded materials to where they are needed.

Transporting People

Did you know that many forklifts are used to transport people from one place to another? Again, this happens in warehouses and at construction sites where one or two people need to travel a somewhat long distance. In construction sites, forklifts with pneumatic tires are especially useful as they can handle rough terrain much better.

Since they already have the capacity to carry hundreds of pounds, transporting one or two people from one place to another is not a big deal in warehouse settings using a forklift.

Reaching Higher Heights

Forklifts are also routinely used to bring items down from heights that would otherwise be inconvenient or dangerous for people. Scissor lifts  are routinely used when you need some added lift height. They typically run on batteries, especially in warehouse settings, but they can also be gas-powered.

There are also much larger scissor lifts that are better suited for outdoor uses. These are also typically fitted with pneumatic types if they are to be used in rough terrains.

In warehouse settings, reach forklifts are often used. These are very narrow to fit between the aisles. They have one set of wheels at the back and two outer legs that help distribute weight so the forklift is more stable. The back wheels are placed below the operator. Doing so gives them a very tight turn radius, another feature that makes them suitable for warehouse use.

Regardless of your needs, you will find a forklift that meets them. Remember that forklifts are very versatile and thus can be used in different ways and numerous situations and sites.

By Grace