Making the move into a senior living facility is a huge life decision, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’ve recently been feeling like you need a little more support during this stage of your life, then there are a number of things to consider. Knowing the early signs is a great first step, as it will allow you to shape conversations with loved ones and those around you, as well as make any of the bigger decisions around your property and finances. Here are four signs that it’s time to move into assisted senior living to help you regain your independence. 

Mobility Challenges

One of the most common reasons for a move into assisted living is the mobility problems faced by older people. Whether you have a diagnosed medical condition that impacts your ability to move around, or you’re just finding that life has slowed down a little, then assisted living communities give you the chance to make the most of a quieter lifestyle, while building on the existing mobility you do have. There are facilities that offer a range of mobility, fitness and wellness facilities as part of their packages, such as Pathway to Living senior living in La Grange IL, so you can take full advantage of what modern day senior living has to offer. 

Changes In Your Diet

Finding yourself eating less, or keeping food well past the expiry date? These can be some of the challenges that come with aging and are commonly seen in those considering assisted living. The reason assisted living is so useful for challenging dietary changes is that you can choose a living complex with restaurants, cafes, and bistros throughout the site to make dining easier. 

Increased Forgetfulness

We all forget things every now and then, but if you’ve found that you’re forgetting things more often, or struggling to remember names of friends and family members, then this might be an early sign of a memory loss condition such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. Moving into assisted senior living might therefore be beneficial for you, and it gives you the opportunity to settle into your new home before your condition progresses any further. 

Difficulty Carrying Out Personal Hygiene Care 

Getting up, washed and dressed in the morning might have been easy for many years, but if you’ve recently started having difficulty with personal hygiene tasks, then assisted living can help. Designed to give you the help you need while ensuring you stay as independent as possible, assisted living will see you receive support from trained professionals at your new residence, while giving you the freedom to explore and enjoy every single day.

Assisted living isn’t for everyone, and if you’re considering making the move into a supported residence, then taking the time to assess your current care needs is important. However, once you’ve determined that this is the best path for you, then there is a world of opportunity out there to reclaim your life and live your twilight years in luxury. From professional restaurants to qualified, caring staff who can help you with those daily tasks that have become worrisome, assisted living can truly change your life for the better.  

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By Grace