Getting funds as a largely unknown smaller non-profit is not always easy, and if you’re struggling to get donors right now, know that this is normal. However, you still have to get funds to stay afloat and help your cause, so you can’t be complacent. You will need to find better ways to reach people and introduce them to the problem you’re trying to tackle. You might also have to do a better job of showing how you can solve it. Let’s take a look at a few fundraising tips all small non-profits should follow.

Build an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is one of the most cost-effective and efficient methods that you can use to attract people to your website and channels on social media. But inbound marketing goes a step further and uses content to reach different groups and purposely direct them through funnels until they’re in a position to donate.

If your cause is something most people are unfamiliar with, you cannot just have content that pushes them to donate right away. You need to have content that will introduce people to the problem, and carefully move them through different pieces of content that will eventually showcase your non-profit.

This is how inbound marketing works. You will need to have a few top-level pieces that will attract people who are already donating to your cause, some for people who are completely new to it, and people who donate to charities in general. You also need to have a well-stocked website and blog with all the information and functions needed to accept donations. You also need to have systems in place to gauge the effectiveness of your content and your funnels.

Keep Track of Donors and Make the Important Ones Feel Special

If you’re not using CRM software right now, you should right away. They are not just for businesses and there are platforms out there specifically for charities. These will allow you to keep track of your top donors and customize your communications with them. You’ll also be able to reach out to them better when you have events, and automatically send gifts or thank you messages when they reach certain milestones.

Speaking of gifts, you should try finding meaningful gifts that will make them feel like they’re making a real difference. Offering to have their name on a laser engraved brick on your premises is a perfect choice there. A laser engraved brick will immortalize your top donors and push them to give more. They’re very affordable too. So, consider looking at services that sell those and look at their options.

Organize Fun but Cheap Events

Having a small event in your community is one of the best ways to spread awareness about a cause and your non-profit. See if you can organize something very simple like a picnic with entertainment with families, or something similar. 

Have plenty of informative material that you can give out, and make sure that you have a way for people to donate on the spot. Make sure that you speak at the end of the event to raise awareness about your cause too. 

You can also try to get sponsors in your area to help fund the event. If you’re ready to do the legwork, you’re bound to find a few businesses that will appreciate the opportunity to help a good cause while getting visibility.

These are all tips that can work for small non-profits trying to make a mark and raise funds. But you first have to make sure that your non-profit is truly making a difference on the ground, or you will raise suspicion.

By Grace